Since before the Charles Simeon Trust was founded, Holy Trinity Church in Chicago and the founders of the CST have been committed to the idea of training the next generation of biblical expositors. Taking the lead of Charles Simeon himself, who equipped young men for ministry in Cambridge in the late 18th and early 19th centuries, we are committed to hands-on, immersion training. Since 1998, we have been developing internship materials and testing them out in our Simeon Model training scheme. More recently, we have made commitments to partnering with similar organizations to take these training concepts outside of North America.

Simeon Model   The Simeon Model is an ongoing residential training scheme in Chicago, Illinois. In partnership with Holy Trinity Church in Chicago and frequently gathering students from other churches, it is designed for people who are considering entering into full-time vocational teaching ministry. It can span up to six years and can take a student through candidacy, internship (including graduate education), and full-time residency in a church in a fully integrated way.

Internship Starter Kit   The Internship Starter Kit is a short introduction to how we have designed, improved, and all we have learned from our residential training scheme (Simeon Model). It is meant to be set of resources to help you get started with your training scheme. Here you will find the blueprints of the program and most of the administrative resources we have developed to implement it.

International   Over the years, we have forged an important partnership with Leadership Resources International in order to take our training commitment to those who reside outside of North America. This partnership involves a combination of their TNT training model and our Workshop model to equip pastors in Nairobi, Kenya. We have also started Workshops and Simeon Course groups around India, partnering with the Delhi Bible Institute and Bangalore Presbyterian Church. We have also informally partnered in various ways with a few organizations that are remarkably like-minded and with whom we share the most essential convictions: the Proclamation Trust, Matthias Media, and Equipo Impacto.