Workshop Manual


This is a general list that outlines most of the costs and administrative duties associated with the workshop and how we typically share them with a host church. All registration income is collected for the CST to defray our costs. And so, we recognize that hosting a workshop is a commitment not only of time, but financial resources as well for the host church. We hope it is an investment that proves to be worthwhile.

Before we get into the details, you should know our basic philosophy: we are not in this business to profit, but rather because we truly believe that recovering the Word of God for the church by encouraging and equipping pastors and Bible teachers to preach expositionally is important. In fact it is the only goal for our entire organization. We are a non-profit charitable ministry. We have never made any money on the workshops and do not intend to. We raise money to support the overall cost. We hope that you, as a host church, will join us in this work of ministry. At the same time, we hope to keep the costs to a minimum. A typical breakdown of how the costs are shared follows:

Charles Simeon Trust
--design and printing of the brochures
--honoraria for guest speakers
--travel expenses for guest speakers (e.g., flights, transportation, food)
--lodging accommodations for guest speakers
--purchase of books for the workshop book table or arrangement to outsource this function
--shipping costs of the books to and from the host church

Host Church
--postage for brochure mailings
--promotion to local pastors and Bible teachers (phone calls, denominational meetings, one-on-one meetings) 
--participant notebook for each registrant (name tag, appropriate information, feedback form, etc.)
--transportation for speakers during the workshop
--secure and arrange facilities (for large groups, small groups and book table)
--meals and refreshments
--audio/video recordings of the plenary sessions (including a set to be given to the CST)
--leader for musical worship portions of schedule
--host church coordinator (see below)

Host Church Workshop Coordinator
In order to assure that the many aspects of hosting a Workshop on Biblical Exposition are handled efficiently, it is essential to have an onsite Workshop coordinator. The coordinator will be responsible for working with a representative of the CST. While the Workshop coordinator does not and cannot perform all the necessary tasks, it is the Workshop coordinator’s responsibility that all tasks are completed. Accordingly, it is best to delegate tasks to other people. We recommend the following categories:

--onsite workshop coordinator
--facilities and equipment coordinator    
--mailings and other clerical work
--lodging accommodations
--onsite food coordinator
--registrar who also coordinates text assignments
--onsite book table coordinator (if applicable)