Workshop on Biblical Exposition
Are you responsible for regularly preaching or teaching? Please consider joining us for one of our Workshops on Biblical Exposition. More information about who should attend the Workshops and how to prepare for the Workshops can be found on this website. This schedule of the 2016/2017 season of Workshops on Biblical Exposition is subject to revision. Please check back for the most up-to-date information.

September 14-17, 2016
Petaling Jaya, Malaysia
KVBC Trust
Darrell Young/KayHoe Tan

September 16-17, 2016
Miraflores, Puerto Rico
Iglesia del Centro
Juan Sanchez/Jeremy Meeks

September 21-24, 2016
Davao City, Philippines
Christ Fellowship Church
Darrell Young

December 8-10, 2016
San Salvador, El Salvador
Iglesia CIA
Jeremy Meeks/Alexis Perez

January 17-19, 2017
Varadero, Cuba
Equipo Impacto
David Helm/Darrell Young

January 23-25, 2017
Havana, Cuba
Vida Nueva
Darrell Young/Alexis Perez

February 10-12, 2017
Kiev, Ukraine
Camp Open Bible
Rod Phillips/JD Bautista

February 16-18, 2017
Rivne, Ukraine
Salvation Church
Rod Phillips/JD Bautista

February 16-18, 2017
Portland, Oregon (Spanish)
Hinson Baptist Church
Jeremy Meeks/Neal Patel

February 27 - March 1, 2017
Mexico City, Mexico
Horizonte Mexico
Jeremy Meeks/Carlos Contreras/Abelardo Munoz

March 2-4, 2017
Juarez, Mexico
Sovereign Grace Church
Jeremy Meeks/Carlos Contreras/Abelardo Munoz

March 2-4, 2017
Port Dickson, Malaysia
KVBC Trust
Darrell Young/Andrew Reid/KayHoe Tan

May 20-22, 2017
Dubai, United Arab Emirates
Gulf Training Center
Juan Sanchez/Robert S. Kinney

May 25-27, 2017
Buenos Aires, Argentina
Iglesia Biblica de City Bell
Aaron Messner/Greg Travis

May 25-27, 2017
Oklahoma City, Oklahoma (Spanish)
Iglesia Bautista Central
Jeremy Meeks/Giancarlo Montemayor

May 31 - June 2, 2017
Lima, Peru
HeartCry Mission Society
Aaron Messner/Greg Travis

June 2-4, 2017
Medellín, Colombia
Jeremy Meeks/Javier Martinez

June 5-7, 2017
Bogotá, Colombia
Iglesia Bautista Renacer
Jeremy Meeks/Javier Martinez

June 8-10, 2017
Armenia, Colombia
Iglesia Biblica Reformada de Armenia
Jeremy Meeks/Javier Martinez

June 14-16, 2017
Rio de Janeiro, Brazil
New Life Christian Church
Darrell Young/John McAlister/Joel Theodoro

June 16-18, 2017
Belo Horizonte, Brazil
Darrell Young/Jim White

June 20-22, 2017
Santa Cruz, Bolivia
Iglesia Bautista Biblica
Rod Phillips/Matias Mojica

June 21-23, 2017
Goiania, Brazil
Presbyterian Church of Gioânia
Darrell Young/Joel Theodoro/Augustus Nicodemus

July 25-27, 2017
Cape Town, South Africa
St James Church
Robert Kinney/Darrell Young/Mervyn Eloff

August 1-3, 2017
Johannesburg, South Africa
Antioch Bible Church
Robert Kinney/Darrell Young/Tim Cantrell

August 3-5, 2017
Santo Domingo, Dominican Republic
Iglesia Biblica del Señor Jesucristo
Jeremy Meeks/Sugel Michelen

August 17-19, 2017
Miraflores, Puerto Rico
Church TBD
Juan Sanchez/Jeremy Meeks/Xavier Torrado